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    Why DNA Stewardship Preserves Identity

    BECAUSE EXISTENCE = DESTINY The Self is subtended by our DNA. The brain is a temporal organ optimized for one life cycle of a few decades – our housekeeper for homeostasis. Whereas our DNA genetic code constitutes our entire existential franchise in Life.

    EACH OF US INHABITS ONE UNIQUE ‘PLANET DNA’ One strategy emerges – we must secure our seed, with supporting human guarantors. We share a common credo of Humanism.

    THE HUMANIST UNION SOCIETY is committed to DNA stewardship through next-gen technology, supported by blockchain certainty for execution, within extended programs.

    THE FOUNDERS’ PROGRAM introduces advanced cryopreservation of whole blood suitable for regeneration, with long term vapor phase storage, replacing immersion in liquid nitrogen. Contact membership@humanistunion.com

    About The Humanist Union


    Founding Membership Program  Whether for commissioning a smart contract toward your next life cycle or sample preservation and biobanking – the Society acts as blockchain adjudicator of your directed DNA stewardship. 

    Members purchase Securigene’s stainless capsule ($389) and retain this highly optimized DNA at home, as a lifetime sample of your genetic identity (genity). Its serial number is your membership number.

    For optional fees members receive 15 year blocks of contracted, state-of-the-art biobanking for your cryopreserved whole blood DNA or tissue sample(s). You then fund the (optional) smart contracts you choose to register with us. The Society mounts your contract(s) onto the Ethereum Blockchain – always per your instructions. Privacy and confidentiality are absolute.

    As Moderator/Consultant for the HU and its services, I invite you to participate in this revolutionary project. Please contact me at dwight.jones@humanistunion.com or @unionhumanist for more information.